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Electronic signatures & stamps in Poland

Get e-signature provided by the government or eIDAS e-signature and e-stamp provided by qualified trust service providers

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Personal e-signatures


Trusted profile (Profil Zaufany) issued by government

Trusted profile is free government issued signature, which you can use in communication with government administration, and thus handle most of administrative matters. It is based on a certificate issued by the digitization ministry. Unfortunately it is not equivalent to qualified e-signature (doesn't comply with eIDAS QES definition), so you cannot use it in other private and business cases.

Electronic signature issued by qualified trust provider

The qualified electronic signature (QES) is the most secure form of electronic signature. It is based on a qualified certificate issued by a qualified trust service provider, according to eIDAS regulation. The qualified certificate is issued on the basis of a qualified certificate policy and is stored on a qualified signature creation device. The qualified electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need e-signature

Having e-signature you can use many Polish e-administration services - and this has many advantages.

The main benefit of having a trusted profile (Profil zaufany) and qualified signature is the ability to handle official matters without the need to visit offices and adhere to their working hours (e.g. open a company in Poland, apply for licences, sign contracts, etc.).

A document signed with an electronic signature or trusted profile (Profil zaufany) has legal validity. Most matters can be handled around the clock. You can do this also while abroad. All that is needed is a device with internet access. The handling of electronic signatures and trusted profiles is straightforward.

An increasing number of administrative platforms enable their use and the completion of many tasks online, additionally, some matters can only be dealt with online.

What is the difference between free "trusted profile" and qualified (paid) signature

Which signature should I choose

How long is signature valid

How much does e-signature cost

Do I need Polish personal ID (PESEL)

What can I sign with trusted profile "Profil Zaufany"

What can I sign with qualified signature

How does signing process looks like

What is qualified electronic stamp

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