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VAT registration in Poland

Register your foreign company as a Polish VAT payer. Obtain VAT number (NIP) and start operations in Poland.

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VAT ID in Poland

Get Polish VAT ID for your company

We assist companies from other EU countries with registration as VAT payer in Poland and obtaining Polish NIP ID (VAT identification number). We also provide support with VAT accounting in Poland, and if needed, we facilitate the opening of bank accounts in Poland (in PLN, EUR or other currencies).

2-3 weeks
VAT registration
For EU registered legal entities
Starting from:
340 EUR
+ VAT & translation costs

Frequently asked questions

How to become a VAT payer and obtain a NIP (VAT) code in Poland

To have your non-Polish company become a VAT payer in Poland, you need to submit an application to the Polish Tax Office along with your company documents, their translations, and relevant explanations about your activities. If the tax office approves your application, they will register you as a VAT payer and assign a Polish NIP code.

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How long does VAT registration take in Poland

Documents required for VAT registration in Poland

Who organizes translations and how much does it cost

What is a Polish NIP code, and how does it look

How is VAT accounting handled in Poland

Cost of VAT accounting in Poland

How to deregister from VAT in Poland

How to verify if a company is registered as a VAT payer in Poland

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