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Professional and fast document translations provided by certified sworn translators

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Document translations

Certified (sworn) or regular document translations

Sworn document translations

We provide certified (sworn) document translations, accepted in all Polish institutions and courts. Our translators are top quality specialists registered in a Ministry of Justice Sworn Translator List.

Regular document translations

We provide regular document translations, when certification is not needed. In this case we still maintain top quality, so you can be sure, that your contracts, instructions, websites, product descriptions are written like Polish speaker would write them.

From Polish and into Polish

All types of documents, including contracts, legal documents, technical documentation, manuals, marketing materials, websites, etc.

  • Polish to English, English to Polish translations
  • Polish to German, German to Polish translations
  • Polish to French, French to Polish translations
  • Polish to Spanish, Spanish to Polish translations
  • Polish to Chinese, Chinese to Polish translations
  • Polish to Italian, Italian to Polish translations
  • translations from Polish to Lithuanian, Latvian, Ukrainian, Belarussian, Russian and to other languages

Frequently asked questions

What is sworn translation

In Poland, a sworn document translation refers to a translation that has been officially certified by a sworn translator (tłumacz przysięgły). These translators are authorized and appointed by the Polish Minister of Justice.

When a document needs to be translated for official or legal purposes, such as for court proceedings, contracts, official records, or other similar documents, it must be translated by a sworn translator. The sworn translator certifies the accuracy and completeness of the translation by attaching their seal, signature, and a statement confirming that the translation is accurate and faithful to the original document.

Sworn translations hold legal weight and are considered valid and admissible in Polish courts and other official institutions. They are crucial when presenting foreign documents in legal proceedings within Poland.

Should I order regular or sworn translation

How much does document translation cost

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I translated the document myself. Can you certify it for me

What kind of documents can you translate and certify

Do you provide oral translations

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Vytautas Turek

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