Transport company establishment in Poland

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How to set up transport company

Step by step


Sp. z o.o. (LLC) company establishment

2-10 weeks

Firstly, you will need a company established in Poland. Company has to be registered at a address that will meet the requirements for a licence. For more information on setting up a company, click here.


Appointment of a transport manager

1 day

The company must have a dedicated transport manager with a CPC - certificate of professional competence (from any EU country). This should either be a member of the board or an employee of the company.


Criminal record certificates

1-2 weeks

All board members and the transport manager must have no criminal convictions - a criminal record certificate must be obtained from a Polish court.


Truck registration

1 day

Before applying for a licence, the company must have at least one vehicle with Polish registration. It can be rented or bought and registered in your name.


Ensuring the financial capacity of the carrier

2-3 days

No need for a large share capital - the simplest proof of financial standing is the carrier financial capacity insurance, at a cost of around €45 per truck / year.


Transport licence ordering

3-6 weeks

Submitting application to the transport inspectorate. Before issuing a licence, the inspectorate may initiate an inspection of the company address and parking spaces - to check if addresses meet the conditions for issuing a licence.


Thats all! Now you can start transport activities!

Essential costs

Find out how much it costs to operate a transport company in Poland - insurance, licences and other expenses

Truck insurance
from 1200 EUR

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (MTPL). Price per year. Prices are calculated differently for small fleets (up to 30 units) and larger fleets.

Truck CASCO insurance
from 0,9%

CASCO insurance is usually exempt from franchise deductibles.

Truck technical inspection in Poland
34 EUR

A roadworthiness test is required once a year. Poland has no agreements with other countries, so inspections must be carried out at any of the thousands of test centres placed in Poland.

Truck registration
from 120 EUR

Registration requires a rental contract or purchase invoice and vehicle documents. When registering a truck for the first time in Poland, a technical inspection carried out in another EU country is acceptable.

Truck licence
100 EUR

The state fee for the licence is PLN 440 (for 5 years). Before applying for a licence, you need to take out a financial capacity insurance (approx. €45 per vehicle / year).

Company licence
930 EUR

The state fee for the licence is PLN 4000 (for 5 years). Requires a transport manager, a parking space and a suitable office.

Domestic transport permit
230 EUR

State fee for the permit 4000 PLN (no time limit). The permit is required to obtain a company licence.

Financial capacity insurance guarantee
45 EUR

One of the ways to prove the financial standings of the carrier (guarantee of €9,000 for the first truck, €5,000 for each subsequent truck). Price per truck / year.

TIR membership
to be agreed

Becoming a TIR member requires a recommendation from other carriers, a guarantee in the form of real estate and other conditions.

And what after the company is set up?

We provide a wide range of assistance in day-to-day transport operations

Assistance for transport companies

Administrative, legal, tax and other assistance for transport companies registered in Poland

Licences & permits
Vehicle registration
Financing & leasing
Drivers employment
Non-EU citizen employment
Personal files management
Accounting services
Driver working time settlements

Transport market in Poland

Numbers and insights

7%of GDP

comes from the transport and logistics sector

160Kdrivers attestations

issued to non-EU drivers (valid)

10,5%growth rate

of transport sector in the last 12 years (CAGR - compound annual growth rate)

44Bannual revenue

is generated by the road freight transport sector in Poland


working in the road transport sector in Poland


working in the whole logistics sector in Poland


of transported goods by Polish carriers

8,5%of company revenues

are labour costs (in larger companies)

41%of EU average

are hourly labour costs in the Polish logistics sector


working in road transport sector

5,5Kcompanies in the sector

employs 10 or more employees

~300transport companies

with 100 or more trucks


with international EU transport licence

292K>3,5t vehicles

with international EU transport licence

31k<3,5t vehicles

with international EU transport licence

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Vytautas Turek

Partner | CEO


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