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Non-EU citizen employment in Poland

Polish legal system offers broad possibilities to employ non-EU residents in Poland. Check out how Savesta helps clients to assure full compliance and maximum administrative procedure speed.

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Work legalization

Legalize work of Non-EU citizen in Poland

Employment by the declaration

  • Faster and easier (up to 7 days, minimum documentation)
  • Possible only for citizens of 5 countries: Ukraine (UA), Belarus (BY), Moldova (MD), Georgia (GE), Armenia (AM)
  • Company files the declaration that it will employ particular person on particular position, starting from the declared date
  • This declaration has to be submitted and accepted by the Labour Office
  • The declaration is needed for the employee to file for a Polish "D" type visa
  • The declaration is valid for 2 years

Employment with work permit

  • Slower and harder (from 3 to 8 weeks, some documentation required)
  • Possible for citizen of any country in the World
  • Company goes through administration process and obtains a work permit for particular person on particular position, starting from the declared date
  • The permit is issued by Voivodeship Administration
  • The permit is needed for the employee to file for a Polish "D" type visa
  • Permit is valid from 1 to 3 years (might differ individually)

Stay legalization

Legalize work of Non-EU citizen in Poland

Residence permits

Residence permits are aimed for people already working / staying in Poland. They are one of possible legal options to legalize stay in Poland. There are some possibilities also to receive permit for people that do not work in Poland yet.

We help to obtain temporary and permanent residence permits and cards.

Procedure complexity depend on the type of permit, factual residence situation of the person, living place address (and according administration office), job position (scarcity of qualifications) and some other factors.

It may take between 2-5 months (ie. for C+E truck drivers) and 6-9 months for less qualified and searched job positions.

Living address in Poland is necessary.


There are other, simpler solutions for stay legalization in Poland. These are best for employees which do not work / stay in Poland yet.

  1. Visa type "D" - to get it, employee needs to file an application to the Embassy of Poland in their residence country. Currently it is not possible to obtain a visa in the territory of Poland.
  2. Other EU country type "D" visa - it is possible to employ a person legally in Poland with a visa issued by other EU country.
  3. Biometric passport - citizens of some countries (like Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova) are allowed to enter Schengen with their current biometric passport. Work in such way is limited to max 90 days / 180 days.

Full employment compliance

We consult in every employment aspect, so your company stays safe and compliant


We assure your employees are legally working and staying in Poland all the time

Employment by the declaration
Employment by work permit
Communication with administration
Stay permits
Day-to-day control
Reminders & proactive approach
Full consultancy
Fast procedures
Access to dedicated software


We help with all the paperwork needed for whole employment lifespan

Emplyment contract preparation
Personal files management
Safety trainings
Medical examinations
Personal ID (PESEL)
Employment termination
A1, S1 certificates
EHIC (EKUZ) cards
Bank accounts

Frequently asked questions

What documents are needed to employ a non-EU citizen

It depends on particular situation. For some candidates (UA, BY, AM, GE, MD citizens) required may be miniminum documentation (e.g. just passport). For other required may be not only passport, but documents confirming persons qualifications or diplomas, with certified translations. Additionally for job positions, that are not in official demand, there might be a need to conduct local candidate search before obtaining work permits

What happens if we lack some documents

Is it hard to employ non-EU citizens in Poland

Do I need a company in Poland to employ non-EU citizens

How long does it take to employ non-EU citizen in Poland

Does non-EU citizen need to speak polish?

How much does it cost to employ non-EU citizen in Poland

Is it possible to open bank account for non-EU citizen

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Paula Rupińska

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